Quambio activities

Manuel Lonfat

What activities can you log in Quambio

As an impact App, Quambio enables you to log in many types of activities that you wouldn't record in traditional health Apps. Sitting in a train for an hour does not qualify as an athletic feat, but it does have a tremendous impact on the environment. Don't hesitate powering up the App pretty much every time you give your car a break. Here is a list of activities that Quambio will definitely accept:

 - All kinds of walks... to work, to the shop, around your neighborhood or trekking. Because while you are walking, your car is not moving!
 - The same apply to bike rides, including training rides because those make you stronger and therefore more prone to ride to work or across town. Don't log it if a support car is involved though.
- Any trip that involves public transport, including trains and buses. Many cities have electric buses but even regular buses are better than your car because they carry a lot more people.
- Electric car rides are welcome, although we are not giving much rewards for those. Quite frankly, they are a great alternative for longer trips but around town, why not walk or cycle.
- Fake commutes. Yes, those days many of us work from home. As a long time home commuter, one advice I would give you is to step out of your house for a short walk either before to start or sometimes soon after. If you can, do the same by the end of your day. It makes a huge difference on your state of mind, in my opinion. And those fake commutes are absolutely Quambio certified!
- It does not stop with commute. Doing errands and even exercising qualifies because 1. exercise makes you stronger and more likely to make you do more, 2. because while you exercise, your car rests.

So turn that App, breath some fresh air and see your impact grow. Looking forward to seeing the sum of all your actions accumulate in the platform!