The platform is now open for personal challenges!

You want to challenge your friends to creating an impact, or you are the owner of small business looking for ways to engage your staff and customers. Check our personal and small business challenge below.

1. Enroll friends, acquaintances and collaborators: Tell them to enroll in Quambio (via the accesses at the bottom) and send us the list of contacts 
 2. Challenge fees: We charge 1 Euro per participant, and request a minimum 5 participants in your challenge which will remain active for four weeks  
3. Abate and earn back: We will pay you 2 cents back per kg saved, up to 4 times the amount we collect from you (5 users, you can get 20 Euros back)
Note that the cash back subject to data validation, only activities on a bicycle or walking qualify. Let us know if you want to explore creating a challenge! Email us at