Healthy Kajuju in Quambio

Healthy Kajuju is a Kenyan manufacturer of organic and nutrient-rich energy bites, whole grain clusters and granola bars. Their products include crackers, energy bites, granola, muesli, gluten free flour, oat milk and clusters. Healthy Kajuju ingredients include oats, sunflower seeds, coconut oil, chia seeds, millet and other superfoods.

Please contact Quambio here to place an order. Indicate which products you want: #1 through #6 and for each, the quantity and flavor(s)

10% off

#1 Clusters

Get either honey and peanut butter flavors. Receive 10% off the retail price of 1000 KSh.

10% off

#2 Energy bites

Salted caramel, almond & cacao, oat & coconut, cashew & ginger, peanut protein and tahini protein. 10% off 550 KSh.

10% off

#3 Granola bars

Salted caramel, cinnamon, granola, ginger peanut protein and lemon. Receive10% off the retail price of 300 KSh.

10% off

#4 Crackers

Flavors include black pepper & sea salt, rosemary & thyme, chili & paprika, sweet cinnamon. Receive 10% off the retail price of 550 KSh.

10% off

#5 Gluten free flour

Receive 10% rebate on the retail price of 1500 KSh.

10% off

#6 Energy bars

Receive 10% off the retail price of 300 KSh.