Quambio: A for-impact company

Hi, I am Manuel Lonfat, an entrepreneur with a passion for the environment. I founded Quambio in 2019 with the vision to engage people directly into climate change solutions.

You likely heard about cap-and trade and carbon taxes (if not, check out our blog). Companies get allowances to emit CO2, which they can sell when they beat expectations. In the meantime, we as individuals pay carbon taxes but do not get rewarded for savings.

I created Quambio to turn this equation around. With our App, save on your mobility emissions, and earn rewards (including cash back) for emitting less.

Our main focus is to increase impact, not to increase our own bottom line. We track CO2 reductions over returns.

So instead of using a car switch to a bicycle, a walk or taking the train and enjoy your well deserved rewards while helping solve the problem!


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