Rules governing CO2 offsetting

Manuel Lonfat

Quambio CO2 offsetting rules

As we collectively increase our impact, we will be turning to the carbon offset market and propose our hard earned gains for more direct, cash rewards. The proceeds of such sales will be shared back with our user community. Ultimately, our users are abating CO2 through their actions and deserve a majority of the rewards for doing so. We describe here the rules governing the offsetting mechanism, as well as eligibility rules.

 - We will not sale CO2 at the current market price, but rather at the price we deem necessary to address the climate crisis with the urgency it requires. Today, the threshold is therefore placed at 125CHF. We keep the right to change this price as we feel necessary to help resolve the crisis.
 - If you elect to be part of a CO2 sale as a user, you will receive 80% of the proceeds of the sale. We retain 20% for administering the system, validating the data and marketing the offset program. At 125CHF a ton, the 80% share corresponds to 10 cents per cube.
- There is no obligation to participate in the offsetting program. Users can decide to hold on to their cubes or use them within the marketplace to receive rebates on products. A cube used to swap rebates is usually valued at around 50 cents.
- Users can elect to give cubes away to the offset program. In this case, all proceeds will be used to invest in the development of the Quambio platform. The return will then be in the form of additional functionalities, an increase in the retail choices and more challenges.
- Users can elect to keep some cubes to use in the marketplace and to place some in the offset program. The choice as to the percentage and timing is up to the user. Over time, we will be implementing options for users to control the distribution in the platform. Until further notice however, the decisions should be communicated to the Quambio team on a ad-hoc basis.
- All cubes earned while logging an activity in Quambio are eligible. Other cubes earned in the platform are non-eligible for the offset program. Non-eligible cubes include those received in an x-multiple structure (such as extra rewards for completing a challenges) or cubes received when brining new users to the platform.
- Cubes earned as part of the initial crowdfunding campaign are considered at the same level as those earned via direct action. They are therefore eligible for the offsetting program.

Please don't hesitate contacting me at or support if you have any questions or if you wish to place some of cubes into the offset program.