The App colors

Manuel Lonfat

Who will be the first user to reach light blue?

Currently, five colors can be achieved in the App. Think of it as achievement belts. It's a bit like martial arts, but here you start with either white or black (depending on your phone mode) and earn extra colors as you progress:

 - Black/white: The App is black (or white) when you log in for the first time 
 - Orange: App turns Orange after you record your first activity and join your first challenge
 - Pink: App turns pink after you successfully complete first challenge and save 100kg of CO2
- Blue: App turns blue after you complete three challenges, refer 3 friends and save 250kg of CO2
- Light Blue: App turns light blue after you complete 5 challenges, refer 5 friends and save 1 ton of CO2
So log your actions, talk to your friends, have an impact and let the App display your achievements!