The App dashboard

Manuel Lonfat

Track your impact over time and see it grow

As a cyclist and scientist I love to see numbers, I won't lie. But what I like about them is the story they can reveal. The Quambio dashboard, essentially its statistical engine, enables you to see in real time how you are doing in terms of impact. It also enables you to track what you have done in the past, since the day you installed the App.

 - The dashboard is accessible via the menu drop-down on the main landing page (upper right bar stack)
 - When you access it first, the dashboard shows you the totals for each week of the current month. You can toggle between weeks simply by clicking on the number representing the week (1,2, etc.).
- You can also "zoom out" to check your monthly totals for the current year and check the stats for any month in the year
- As your impact grows, you will see the hexagon filling up little by little. Good luck getting an entire lap done, it's not that easy!

And as a final insight, check the shape of the display. As in many other sections of the App, you can make out the shape of a cube, the central recurring theme of our application. Do you see it?