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Our retail partners

As users of the Quambio App, you can swap the cubes you earn for products created by the following environmentally-minded companies. We work with companies with business models centered on sustainable principles. Please help us support their efforts!

20% off


A technical sportswear company based in Puerto Rico. Clothing produced with recyclable material and on-demand, to avoid wastes.

20% off pre-orders, coming soon worldwide, made in Puerto Rico.

20% off

Ethical skin care

Swiss company active in R&D, in the creation and development of innovative ethical and solidarity-based cosmetic products and concepts.

Receive 20% off all orders on their website, for Swiss residents.

10% off

Le Jardin de Sidi B

A innovative farm-to-skin, do-it-yourself cosmetics company. Le Jardin de Sidi B sources ingredients that are natural and sustainable for home made cosmetics. 

10% off (+gift), purchases above 100 Euros, worldwide offer

More soon

More announcements soon!

We are just getting started and many more partners will be announced soon. Stay tuned and visit this page frequently!

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