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Your sustainability is an asset

Engage your employees, build team spirit and achieve carbon neutrality through Quambio.

About us

Quambio is a Swiss company based in Neuchâtel that helps companies achieve their sustainability objectives. We have extensive experience in supporting our customers in their sustainability strategy, and in involving their employees in the process to generate real competitive edge.

Our team is passionate about being a change maker and is excited to learn more about your specific needs.

Our Mission

To provide every company with the necessary resources for navigating their sustainability journey through a pragmatic and scientific methodology.

Our Vision

Rather than trying to force sustainability on people, we think that it should be embraced. That is why we have made stakeholders the focus of our approach, and use motivating rewards to drive it forward.

Meet Manuel Lonfat, our expert

At Quambio, our consulting services are supervised by our founder and sustainability expert, Manuel Lonfat. Manuel holds a PhD in atmospheric physics and has over 15 years of experience in financial climate risk assessment. He has held senior positions in the insurance industry and has worked in the financial markets in London, Connecticut and Bermuda.

In addition to his responsibilities with Quambio, Manuel is a special advisor to the United Nations on climate change issues and their impact on financial markets. With his wealth of knowledge and expertise, Manuel is the perfect choice for all of your sustainability consulting needs.

Sustainability of organizations

Why is this crucial ?


By investing in sustainable practices, businesses can tap into a range of economic and environmental benefits that have been proven to be advantageous to the long-term success of organizations, and many experts agree that sustainability can become a real asset for businesses.

"Companies that take sustainability seriously are seen as more attractive to potential customers, investors and talent"
(Deloitte, 2020).
"Reducing the environmental impact of a company's activity can improve its business operations and increase its profits"
(Lohtia, 2019).
"Companies that focus on sustainability can better align their operations with their corporate values and create a more positive corporate culture"
(McKinsey & Company, 2020).

Ready to begin your sustainability path?

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Engage your employees, build team spirit and achieve carbon neutrality through Quambio.​