Registration for the first Swiss Green Mobility Challenge is now open! Register one or more teams of collaborators and challenge other companies in Switzerland. From the 15th of April to the 3rd of May, move around on foot, by bike, by bus, train or even in car-sharing mode and save as much CO2 as you can to climb the rankings and put your company on the podium! Click here for more info.

Your sustainability is an asset

Engage your employees, build team spirit and achieve carbon neutrality through Quambio.

Swiss sustainability for businesses

Involve your employees, build your strategy and make your transition a success!

Our expertise

Tailored and evolving carbon footprint

Track and optimize the impact of your decarbonization efforts with an adjustable tool, customized to the specific needs of your business.

Reduction strategy, risk analysis and TCFD reporting

A detailed roadmap, combining a reduction strategy and extensive risk analysis, gives your company a clear path to carbon neutrality, creating a competitive advantage.

Strategic assistance

Put Quambio's expertise at work for you. Our strategic support enables you to confidently delegate your transition to the close supervision of our experts, keeping your teams focused on their core objectives while achieving your path through carbon neutrality.

Involving employees & reducing Scope 3

Put your employees at the heart of your transition, without impacting your business, with awareness-raising workshops and tools to help modify and quantify your teams' habits.


Swiss Green Mobility Challenge

Register one or more teams of employees and challenge other companies in Switzerland. From the 3rd to the 24th of April, walk, cycle, take the bus, train, or car-share. Save as much CO2 as you can to climb the rankings and put your company on the podium!

Impact investment & carbon offsets

Offset your irreducible emissions by opting for high ESG-scoring offsets and diversify your portfolio with sustainable investments in the real economies of emerging countries.

Our prestigious references

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Our approach

Our approach is complete, enabling you to achieve excellence in all aspects of sustainability. Accordingly, our services cover carbon footprint assessment, development of plans to achieve net zero emissions, risk assessment, employee awareness, as well as offset solutions.

Furthermore, our team of experts, aware of the complexity of global sustainability issues, strives to find solutions specifically customized to your needs and expectations.

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Impliquez vos employés, construisez votre stratégie et réussissez votre transition!

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