Earn rewards for reducing your CO2 emissions

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Join by entering the code 8tE8i in the Settings section of the App. Everyone is welcome to participate!  

We highlight the very active role that Kenya plays in the environmental space. The world renown United Nations Environmental Program has made Nairobi is home, for instance.

We will to plant a tree for everyone who completes the challenge (subject to land availability). Additionally, Kenyan residents are eligible for a chance to win KSh 10,000 (the winner will be randomly drawn among those who complete the challenge).

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Companies can sell their carbon savings, why not you? Reduce your own CO2 emissions and get rewarded or participate in the funding of sustainable projects


Ditch your car! Ride a bicycle, take a train or just walk in town


Record your activities and see your CO2 reductions grow  


Get rewards as cash back or rebates on sustainable products


Stack your action up against others in the community

How it works

Ditch your car and ride a bicycle, take a train, or just walk. Turn the App on and record the activity. We calculate on the fly your emission savings and reward them with cubes, our platform currency. Use the cubes you earned to receive rebates on sustainably built products, or exchange them for cash in our marketplace.